Parcel Partners + Stamps

Teapplix supports re-seller accounts that offer discount USPS pricing. Currently, we support Parcel Partners that offers discounted cubic pricing for USPS priority and express mails.

With a Parcel Partners account, you will have your first class mail printed from your normal account, and your Priority and Express mail printed from your Parcel Partners account. Those that qualify for cubic pricing will automatically use cubic pricing. You can select either "Priority Mail" or "Priority Cubic Pricing", and your orders will automatically be judged and if qualify for cubic pricing, it will be used.

To Setup your Parcel Partners Cubic Pricing account, go to Teapplix Setup => Shipping

  • in USPS provider, select
  • in USPS discount program, select Parcel Partners
  • go to Setup =>, you will be asked to put in 2 accounts, one for your normal first class mail. The other will be for your Parcel Partners account

Once you setup your 2 accounts, you can print all your USPS labels in one batch. Teapplix will automatically route the labels to the right account based on shipping method.