USPS Providers

To print USPS labels with postage, you must open a separate account with one of the following vendors:

  • Endicia

In Teapplix setup, you are given the following choice for USPS Provider options:
Endica (PDF)
Choosing Endicia (PDF), Teapplix will use Endicia's Label Server API to generate shipping labels directly as a PDF document. The is the default recommended option for Endicia users. (PDF)
If you use, Teapplix prints USPS labels via api and do not require you to install any client programs. Labels are generated as pdf documents from our web page and printed to your printer.

Batch Printing
We recommend that you shouldn’t print more than 200 orders at a time. This will allow you to have better response and also prevents major issues while printing which can be a problem with large batches.