Initial Quantity

If you are using Teappix as your Inventory Master, you will need to perform an initial import of "in-stock" quantity of your warehouse. This gives Teapplix starting quantity as of the "end of shipping date" of certain date, when all orders shipped on that date has been picked from your warehouse.

The records imported for this "initial import" should be marked as "in-stock" as Post Type. Any quantity record with the same SKU and date prior this newly imported record will no longer be used in quantity calculations.

There are some other uses for quantity import:

  • in-stock - to import a fresh full count of inventory quantity. this causes all older quantity data to be ignored
  • credit - you can also import "received additional quantity" using credit records, but typically, Scanning using "Receive Inventory" link is more precise.
  • debit - you can import "debit" records to handle cases of "adjustments" and other "withdraw" from Warehouse that is not part of your normal order shipping

Please perform the following steps:

  • Go to Inventory->Enter Quantities page, click on Import/Export. A window would pop up; select "Export", then click on Export to CSV which will download a .csv file. This file would be the template file.
  • Open this template file in Microsoft Excel. you can see the headers that corresponding to each of the UI fields. Please keep the headers names as it is and not modify/remove any, you can add an optional "Location" column, as explained in the definition below, if needed.
  •  Then import this file using Import/Export again, but select ‘Import’, then click Import from CSV

Here is a sample CSV file.

The data elements and their definitions:

  • Post Date -- This is the "effective" date of this entry. If you did a stock count, this is the date you did the count. We assume you did the count at the end of the shipping date, so all orders shipped on that date are not deducted from inventory, but orders shipped after that date will be
  • Post Type -- in-stock | credit | debit
  • SKU -- This is the "Teapplix SKU". It must match an entry in the "Products" list.
  • Quantity -- How many pieces
  • Unit Price -- This is the unit price that will be used to compute average unit cost and your profit & loss
  • Warehouse ID -- if multi-warehouse is turned on, this number indicate which warehouse the quantity is for. Required for multi-warehouse, must not have this for single warehouse.
  • Comment -- optional, comment field
  • Location -- optional, import only. If you marked a location column that is not blank, Teapplix will update the "location" information on the corresponding product when you import this file