IntuiShip provides Teapplix customers discounted USPS through a single unified account. To obtain such an account, you can use one of the following ways:

  • If you do not have a Teapplix account, you can create a your account using the following link, and once you sign in and follow the wizard to create your account, it will have IntuiShip discounted rates. Your account monthly fee is paid for by Teapplix, but will be closed when you cancel your Teapplix account.Create IntuiShip powered Teapplix account.
  • If you already have a Teapplix account + account, we will convert your account to IntuiShip and pay for monthly fee as soon as you signup for the account (we cannot do this while the account is under trial mode). Teapplix will pay for your account monthly fees. When you cancel your Teapplix account, such account will revert back to paid by you.

As of Jan 17 2016, IntuiShip discounts offer the following rates
With the Jan. 17th rate change, Priority Mail is really the only mail class that has discounted pricing (CPP). For all other mail classes (e.g. PME, PMI, PMEI) CBP pricing is the same as CPP pricing.

The discount amount for Intuiship’s Priority Mail rates compared to the standard rates remain the same but since CPP/CBP rates are increasing the values will be higher. Here is a summary of what the discounts are. Note that’s standard rates are Commercial Base Pricing.

  • Priority Mail:      Flat rate products is CPP
    • 0.5-10 lbs is CPP
    • 11-70 lbs is 1% off Commercial Base
  • Priority Mail Express:      CBP
  • Regional Rate Box:          CBP
  • Cubic:    MaxSaver Default
  • First Class Packages:       CBP
  • First Class Package International:              CBP
  • Priority Mail International:           CBP
  • Priority Mail Express International:          CBP

MaxSaver Default from Intuiship:
When the customer enters the box dimensions and weight, our API will return whatever pricing is lower to the customer (weight/zone based vs cubic).