Parcel Partners

Parcel Partners provides discounted USPS Priority Rates. This is delivered by using a single special "Endicia Account" that has Parcel Partner rate table setup.

You can obtain this special Parcel Partner account by the following choice

  • Open a new Teapplix account by using the following link. After you create the account and login, follow the setup wizard to create your Endicia account. Teapplix will pay for the monthly fee for this Endicia account for as long as your Teapplix account is open. When you cancel your Teapplix account, this Endicia account will be closed also and cannot be used independently.

    Register a Parcel Partner powered Teapplix Account

  • If you already have a standalone Endicia account that already has Parcel Partner rates built-in, just enter into Teapplix normally the endicia account. Notice in this case, Teapplix will not pay the monthly fee of this Endicia account
  • If you already have an existing Teapplix account, but it is already setup and linked to another Endicia account with no Parcel Partner support, you have to replace the Endicia account with a newly signed up Endicia account powered by Parcel Partners. In this case, you would have to signup for your Endicia using the following link:
    Signup for a Parcel Partner Endicia Account.

    After that, you can plug in the new Endicia account into Teapplix. Please note that in this case, Teapplix will not pay for your Endicia monthly fees for this newly created account.