Magento 2

Teapplix can integrate with your Magento 2.x shopping cart to automatically import orders to Teapplix and update back to Magento with tracking numbers after you ship from Teapplix. In addition, if you subscribe to Teapplix InventoryAdvisor, Teapplix will download your magento inventory and upload quantity and optionally price to your cart.

A link to a Magento 2.x cart is treated as a separate type of cart as compared to a Magento 1.x cart. The setup is done on separate tabs on our Setup => Others page. You can link to Magento 1.x cart and 2.x cart at the same time without any conflicts.

To Authorize Teapplix to access your Magento shopping cart, you need to enter the following information into your Teapplix "Setup" -> "Others" screen:

  • url to your store (
  • magento 2 admin username
  • magento 2 admin password
Teapplix uses Magento 2 REST API. It described here. We use token-based authentication, it describe here. This type of authentication requires admin username and admin password.