WorldShip Direct Print on IE

Teapplix Integration with UPS WorldShip through XML Auto Import. This page describes the process to set up the integration and print shipping labels.

Please note:  this is not supported for FireFox anymore due to restriction from FireFox.  You need to use IE.

Install Latest UPS WorldShip Software

To ship using UPS Worldship, you must install UPS WorldShip, and have an UPS daily pickup account. You can download WorldShip software here. WorldShip must be installed on a computer with a printer that can print labels. This computer must have an internet connection so you can access Teapplix.

Note you can install WorldShip on multiple computers in different locations, even with the same UPS account.

Then you can set Teapplix to " mode and skip the manual step to save a file and be able to upload the final output file from WorldShip in a single button press.

To setup XML Auto Import Direct Print mode,

  1. Create a folder on your Desktop and name it "Teapplix"
  2. Copy the path of this folder; You need to put in the path of the "XML Auto Import File Folder"(see step 3 below)
  3. Go to Teapplix Setup => Shipping, and change the UPS integration mode 

Note that you may need to add to your trusted sites if you are running IE on Windows 7.

To print your shipping labels:

  1. Start WorldShip on your computer.
  2. Select menu item “Import/Export Data” -> “XML Auto Import…”
  3. You will see the XML Auto Import Dialog. Make sure you printer is connected and turned on, press the “Start” button:
    ("XML Auto Import File Folder" box should reflect the path of Teapplix folder you entered earlier)
  4. Go to Teapplix, select some UPS orders and press the "UPS Direct Print" button.
  5. You will see a popup window, if it says file saved successfully, your WorldShip should start printing your labels.
  6. Verify that your labels all finished printing from WorldShip, then click Stop and then hit Close on WorldShip XML Auto Import.
  7. Back on the Teapplix page, click the "Upload UPS Output" button. If you don't like the label printed during step 4, you should not hit the "Upload UPS Button", instead hit "Cancel and Close Dialog" button, which will leave the orders in Teapplix Open Orders.
  8. If upload is successful, click the "Return to Open Orders" button.

During step 1-6, if Teapplix produces an error message on the popup dialog, you need to follow instructions on the dialog.