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Get the worlds #1 QuickBooks integration application

Save time, eliminate manual data entry into QuickBooks. Track your inventory level precisely and keep track of your income and taxes.

QuickBooks integration can be used standalone, or in combination with our MultiChannel inventory option. Either way, the price is based on the total number of orders exported to QuickBooks in a month regardless of sources, based on the following table:

Products Total packages for All channels* Total Packages of 1501+
0-500 500 1 channel with 1501+ 2 channels with 1501+ 3+ channels with 1501+
Quickbooks integration $15 $20 $25 $25 $25
Add inventory manager extra $15 extra $30 extra $45 extra $55 extra $65
* A Channel is defined by market place, and for Amazon it is defined by country. Multiple eBay accounts counts as one channel.

Time & Money Savings

Teapplix QuickBooks Integration saves you hours every day entering data into QuickBooks and help you better manage your profit loss and inventory levels. To see for yourself, signup for a free 30 day trial below: (Existing customers can turn on QuickBooks integration by clicking on the "My Account" tab)

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