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Multi-Channel Inventory Management Software

Teapplix InventoryAdvisor allows you to track cost, quantity, profit & loss of your inventory and manages listings on eBay and Amazon such that they always have the correct quantity available. InventoryAdvisor can give you a clear picture of real-time performance, alert you to inventory shortages, and generate Purchase Orders for you.

Teapplix integrates orders from eBay, PayPal, Amazon including Fulfillment by Amazon, Buy.com and your own e-commerce shopping cart. As a result Teapplix has a comprehensive view of your sales activity and is an ideal starting point for tracking your inventory levels. Get started with a Free Trial today!

Inventory Mapping to QuickBooks Management Software

Teapplix allows you to map items called different names, assigned different SKUs from multiple marketplaces into the correct QuickBooks Inventory Part. We allow you to build lookup tables entries individually, or upload entire lookup tables in bulk.

Support Inventory Assembly

If you sell kits or combo items, like a battery plus a charger, Teapplix allows you to manage inventory at the individual item level. With QuickBooks Premier, you can represent these as Inventory Assemblies, and Teapplix will allow you to map sales to these inventory assemblies.

Automatic Build of Inventory Assembly

When Teapplix exports an order that sells a combo item, Teapplix can instruct QuickBooks to build just the right number of Inventory Assemblies needed for the sale, before exporting the sale itself.

Time and Money Savings

Teapplix saves you hours a day manually entering data into QuickBooks. We are capable of integrating all your sources, and our service starts at $9.99 a month for multi-channel sellers, with first 30 days free. To see for yourself, click on the button below to setup a free account:

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