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Combine orders

Support for combining orders with a single click, works on orders from all sources:

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195 Responses to Combine orders

  1. says:

    It is buggy now. When the customer is in UK. The address after combine become USA, ALBAHMA ??? Please fix as this is serious error.


  2. Ken says:

    shipping charges do not seem to combine. They just disappear completely?

  3. admin says:

    This will be fixed in an update this week.

  4. CJP says:

    I just had a combined order returned as undeliverable for insufficient address. When I checked my order history, I discovered that your application dropped the apartment number and changed the zip+4 when it combined two orders into one:


    Xxxx Xxxxxx
    2307 NE 4TH ST APT G202
    XXXXXX, XX 99999-8812


    Xxxx Xxxxxx
    2307 Ne 4th St
    XXXXXX, XX 99999-4083

    Let me know if you want the actual order info so you can check it for yourself.

    This needs to be fixed.


  5. CJP says:

    Sorry, please ignore my previous post. There is not a problem with combine. I discovered that the buyer ordered the same two items from another sales site with the problem address. Your COMBINE worked just fine.

    Thanks again!

  6. Ayad Ketawi says:

    i forgot to put my apartment number, what can i/you do?

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