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DaZzle Direct Print for USPS Letters and APO

We have added additional layout slots for USPS Letters (First Class Letter, NonMachinable Letter, First Class Flat, Non Machinable Flat). If you configure this layout to be different than USPS domestic layout, these type of labels can direct print using a different layout.

We have also added a layout slot for APO addresses. Now you can do direct print for APO.

You can set the layouts used by these shipping methods under Setup => Endicia DaZzle.

Under USPS Domestic, there is now a "letter" filter that picks out all orders that uses letter as shipping method.

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836 Responses to DaZzle Direct Print for USPS Letters and APO

  1. Zahid Niaz says:

    i have been using teapplix for last 6 months and for forst 3 months i was able to use direct printing feature but my computer crash and since then i have tried some many times but i cant use the direct print feature, i have to download an XML file and print using that file and then upload an output file but i would really love to use the direct print as some time i only have to print one or two lables, i called teapplix support and i been told that it has something to do with my computer or windows permissions, i have tried on 6 different computers from a brand new out the box to a used or from an exitsiting working windows to a clean installed windows computer but no luck, is ther anyone who can help out, Thanks

  2. Zahid Niaz says:

    Got an email from teapplix Support on march 19th 2012, email had a phone no to call to resolve the issue, i called right away and there is a really helpfull lady on the other side, She walked me through step by step procedure and it turns out to be that my internet explorer protected mode for was on which was cuasing the problem, once i added into trusted sites zone problem was solved.
    Thank you Teapplix Customer Support

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