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New HK China Label layout, updated javascript

We released new layout for HK China label:

  • A Hong Kong CN22 + address label on a A4 half page
  • US integrated CN22 form

You can choose which one you want under Setup => Shipping.

In addition, we have updated HK Post weight so that you can enter weight in "grams".

Also, a bug on manually entered order ("Add") is fixed.

Please clear your browser cache.

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1,746 Responses to New HK China Label layout, updated javascript

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    Whose Lian Sheng is more difficult? It is a rocket it seems that
    ByZhanmusiPresent as leading roleShowing tremendous enthusiasmThe battle array is compared apparently in those daysRocketLuxurious. Picture: IC graph
    The history often produces coincidence: 2007-2008 sports season, 22 Lian Sheng’s rockets advocate meetKaierte person, the rocket of a spent force is final with 74 than 94, difference disastrous defeat of 20 minutes. Beijing time yesterday, the field of guest of showing tremendous enthusiasm that smooth rocket record just seeks a day ago encounters Kaierte person, depend on 7 backboard of 37 minutes of of Zhanmusi 12 secondary attack however, final changeover get victory issues in the circumstance that lags behind 17 minutes at most, obtain NBA history the 2nd long 23 Lian Sheng!
    Miami person did not weigh the track of an overturned cart that Si Duiren rests before treading 5 years, although yesterday green army lackedBright much, Jianeite, also play basket 3 minutes when Pierce tries to be killed absolutely and go out, your showing tremendous enthusiasm looks a little lucky part without discontinuous Lian Sheng footstep. So, ever guided a rocket to acquire 22 Mack division of Lian Sheng as brunt Lei Di couldn’t help sending a word yesterday: I feel we are obtained in those days 22 Lian Sheng wants (than them) much more difficult.
    So, of Lian Sheng and the 22 showing tremendous enthusiasm of the rocket 23 Lian Sheng, after all which is more difficult? Which has quality more? Perhaps can talk only through data.
    Leg PK 2008 year on January 30 – on March 17, the rocket played 22 games with 48 days, having 7 only among them is in guest field; In 22 matches, have back-to-back competition 3 times; And showing tremendous enthusiasm from Feburary 4, 2013 – on March 19, 44 days of time played 23 games, among them 11 guests field, carry back of a chair on the back 6 times. Only from leg concentrated degree, the challenge of showing tremendous enthusiasm should be more than a rocket far.
    Adversary PK rocket 22 during Lian Sheng, get the better of lead the rival that outstrips 5 to become to only 7 is raise (include among them two get the better of knight and wasp) , can rank the team of thing ministry TOP3 eventually finally among them, person of only also lake and wasp. Showing tremendous enthusiasm 23 during Lian Sheng, right blast get the better of 10 times lead the team that exceeds 5 to become, the rank before including item among them western 2-4 thunderbolt, flier, grey bear, the eastpart part the 2nd, the strong opponent such as 3 pedestrian and Nikesi. Look from adversary actual strength, the difficulty of showing tremendous enthusiasm is largish.
    Rocket of battle array PK is in this a little bit to go up almost cannot with PK of showing tremendous enthusiasm. Team is sent first accuse to defend the ability before Lian Sheng begins Aersitong to just be hurt in returning a team more, sikela, Landeli (Small gain) these brunt players are dish bird sports season. Worse is, yao Ming got hurt on Feburary 25, subsequently the match, rich takes up the post of the Mu Tuo Mu that the rocket must use nearly 41 years old to send center position first. Actually, 2007-2008 sports season, the pay amount of rocket whole group has 58.76 million dollar only, rank alliance is reciprocal the 9th. And showing tremendous enthusiasm 23 what there is rotate battle array since Lian Sheng is complete, was not highed almost by injury coerce. Team this sports season amount of pay of 79.39 million dollar, tall house is allied the 3rd. Come from the battle array so say, rocket with the downstream battle array in alliance is hit at that time 22 be gotten the better of repeatedly and all surpass rival 12.36 minutes, compared with the division with luxurious showing tremendous enthusiasm, all surpass rival 11.26 minutes, be about on difficulty tower above is too much grade.
    Number says
    Those historical ranks surpass a record of TOP7 repeatedly
    If the direct contrast of rocket and showing tremendous enthusiasm still cannot show an issue completely, that mights as well change a point of view. Will see NBA first the longest on the history those are gotten the better of repeatedly.
    Person of lake of 1971-1972 sports season 33 Lian Sheng
    The longest Liansheng that this lake person that has Jieliweisite and Chamberlain, Jiaergudeliji still is maintaining NBA up to now, they are final with 69 get the better of 13 negative allied at that time histories optimal convention surpasses military successes (1995-1996 year by the ox 72 get the better of 10 negative break) end that legend sports season.
    Showing tremendous enthusiasm of 2012-2013 sports season 23 Lian Sheng
    They are the champion that defend crown, have 3 convention to surpass Le Bulang of MVP and total final MVP Zhanmusi, also have heart of winner of MVP of total 2006 final to conceive Enweide, it is 2012-2013 sports season total champion is the most popular await anthology.
    Rocket of 2007-2008 sports season 22 Lian Sheng
    They with 15 get the better of 17 negative begin 2007-2008 sports season, their send center Yao Ming to be in first because 12 Lian Sheng hind are hurt absent all the time, the contest after the season that they also are in that year is first-run, defeated a knight.
    Spur of 2011-2012 sports season 20 Lian Sheng
    This Lian Sheng of spur surpasses end all the time to season hind from convention western semifinals the 3rd not enemy thunderbolt, it is the groovy contest with the longest alliance – record of the Sai Liansheng after season. Old 3 tycoons and young part player, your spur with 50 get the better of 16 negative alliance sports season of 2011-2012 of end of the first military successes.
    Hart of 1970-1971 sports season Cheap Retro Jordan 20 Lian Sheng
    Robin of Gubaer, Oscar inferiors, name of these two legend makes this the hart of one sports season is obtained 20 Lian Sheng wins total finally championship. Field of Gu Ba Er also all is 31.7 minutes notch when sports season king.
    Person of lake of 1999-2000 sports season 19 Lian Sheng

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    ? ? ? On March 31, yao Ming (before) the citizen that will contribute article ahead gives ball bill. That day, cease the obligation that Yao Ming of player of team of Si Duihuo arrow was risking nearly 30 degrees high temperature to attend to be content in order to advocate green environmental protection donates an activity. This activity is appeal place citizen come out the useless old computer in the home, electric equipment, clothings and toy free alms, use by professional useless old company and charitable organization reconditioning, at the same time rocket team gives entrance ticket of a piece of match for every donative citizen. Is Xinhua News Agency sent (is Song Qiong photographed) ?
    ? ? ? Beijing time on April 1 (Houston local time on March 31) , yao Ming manages to find time the beneficent activity that joined rocket organization, he had taken off protective boots, walk not to have different with normal person, and Yao Ming still can carry a few clogs, this meant Yao Ming to had stepped the first pace of rehabilitation, he continues NBA of go on an expedition hopes to soar.
    ? ? ? ? Yao Ming at noon arrived at doorway of abundant tanaka heart, two his feet are wearing normal gym shoes, and did not wear tailor-made protection shoe. Rocket today’s mobile content is to reclaim old other people, to coordinate this activity, xiong Ye dresses up even the rocket green, aim to promote cease the environmental protection consciousness of Si Dui’s citizen. The Yao cheap Nike Shox outlet Ming mood after taking off protective boots is carefree, he states the rocket wants to reclaim through this activity a few unused things, the people that gives need goes using. Yao Ming still reveals the old thing that he also got a few fan are given, in preparing to bring back the home, use.
    ? ? ? ? The propagandist poster that the rocket makes for this activity is very interesting, catchphrase is, “Yao Ming will attend old other people to reclaim activity, take your old computer so, antiquated printer and extremely shabby TV, come here. Your hopeful sees a super giant star (Yao Ming) , still can acquire NBA match entrance ticket. Still can acquire NBA match entrance ticket..
    ? ? ? ? What make a person surprizing more today is, yao Ming took off protective boots, had put on normal shoe, look one stride was stridden ahead again on rehabilitation road. Yao Ming expresses, “This is the first day takes off protective boots, just can go at present, still cannot run, want to come slowly. ” in addition, yao Ming also affirms can go looking in cease the NCAA4 of final of university man basketball that Si Duiju goes is surpassed by force. (literal origin: People net)

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    Pacers 103, Mavericks 78

    Paul George and Indiana Pacers went on an offensive surge in the third quarter to sink the Dallas Mavericks.

    However, all Pacers coach Frank Vogel could talk about was his top-ranked defense.

    George had 24 points and eight rebounds and the Pacers broke open a close game in the third quarter to beat the Mavericks 103-78 on Thursday night.

    With the game tied at half, the Pacers outscored the Mavericks cheapest nike shox 34-17 in the third. George had eight points in a 20-5 run to open the second half.

    Rise above with the NBA’s super teams.

    Vogel said his team’s defense allowed Indiana to pull away in the second half.

    ”Our defensive effort keeps getting better and better,” Vogel said. ”I’m very impressed with how dialed in our guys are and how disciplined they’re playing on the defensive end.”

    The Central Division-leading Pacers won their fourth straight and have a half-game lead for the second-best record in the Eastern Conference.

    Indiana is 2-0 on a four-game Western Conference trip. The Pacers beat the Houston Rockets 100-91 on Wednesday night.

    ”It was great win,” George said. ”For us to come out and match their same intensity was huge, especially on their floor.”

    Dirk Nowitzki scored 21 points for Dallas, which remained 1 1/2 games behind the Los Angeles Lakers in the race for the final playoff spot in the Western Conference.

    See how NBA dance teams get crowds all fired up.

    ”Having a dud like this on our home floor is definitely disheartening,” Dallas center Elton Brand said.

    Nowitzki and five of his teammates have grown out beards since early February and vowed not to shave until the Mavericks (35-37) got back to .500.

    Those unshaven Mavericks will have to put their razors away for at least a few more days as Indiana denied Dallas a chance to even its record for the first time since Dec. 12.

    Pacers center Roy Hibbert didn’t want the Mavericks to pull out the clippers just yet.

    ”We heard something about them wanting to shave or doing something like that,” Hibbert said. ”We wanted to shut that (stuff) down to begin with. They wanted to get to .500 so they gave us their best effort in the first half. Whatever gimmick they need to rally themselves, that’s fine.”

    Hibbert had 16 points and 11 rebounds one night after scoring a season-high 28 against Houston, and Tyler Hansbrough added 13 points and nine rebounds off the bench for Indiana, which announced before the game that former All-Star forward Danny Granger will have season-ending left knee surgery.

    David West scored seven points in his return for the Pacers after missing six games with a lower back strain.


    Cavs: Where they should be

    Clippers: Missing an enforcer

    Hawks: Best playoff matchup?

    Heat: LeBron glimpses history

    Rockets: Harden slowed by Pacers

    Suns: No quick fix for Hunter

    Thunder: Fan hits shot for $20K

    The Pacers outrebounded the Mavericks 55-34 and scored 15 second chance points. Dallas suffered its 11th loss of 20 points or more this season.

    ”It was a wipeout for us as far as the rebounding,” Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said. ”That’s been a challenge for us.”

    George Hill hit a 3-pointer to start the second half and break a 41-all halftime tie.

    George hit a 21-footer to push Indiana’s lead to 49-42. Indiana closed the 20-5 run with a couple of layups from Hill and a jumper from Ian Mahinmi to make it 61-46 midway through the third.

    George scored 13 points in the third. He finished 10 of 17 from the field and had six assists and three steals.

    Mahinmi closed the third with a dunk off a pass from Orlando Johnson as the Pacers outscored the Mavericks 34-17 in the third.

    Vince Carter had 14 points and Darren Collison added 10 or Dallas. The Mavericks shot 38.6 percent (32 of 83) against the NBA’s top-scoring defense.

    Dallas, which got no closer than 10 points in the fourth, dropped to 3-2 on its six-game homestand. The Mavericks close out their longest home stay of the season Saturday against the Chicago Bulls, who ended Miami’s 27-game winning streak Wednesday night.

    NOTES: The Mavericks fell to 10-5 in March. … The Pacers have held 10 straight opponents under 100 points. … Justin Dentmon made his first appearance for Dallas after signing a 10-day contract Monday.

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