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Sticky ship dates, no order auto checkbox

We have released some enhancements:

1) you can now select to "save" the ship date selection for the current session. For example, if you select "Ship Date" to be "Tomorrow", you can save it so that all open order display shows "Tomorrow" as ship date by default. This election will be good until you save another ship date or log out.

2) Orders displayed under "Hold", "Combine", "Custom1", "Custom2" queue will no longer automatically be "selected".

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155 Responses to Sticky ship dates, no order auto checkbox

  1. watchbandrenew says:

    Feature doesn’t seem to work, I am using Firefox 7 and have not been able to get the date to stay.

  2. admin says:

    I just tried it and it works. You have to select a future date, click the “save ship date”, and then press one of the generate buttons. Then it is remembered for the rest of the session until you log out.

    What button did you press?

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