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Support for NewEgg Marketplace

We have just released support for NewEgg Marketplace.

Teapplix fetch orders from NewEgg via ftp and confirms orders as shipped automatically. To setup NewEgg integration, go to Setup => Others => Shipping Carts, and select "newegg" as your source and fill in your ftp details.

You need to ask NewEgg for ftp access. Also, you need to setup your NewEgg account to generate order reports in CSV format.

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2,742 Responses to Support for NewEgg Marketplace

  1. ken clark says:

    inreguards to invoice#15174757.
    yes i made a mistake on my rateing of tom top due to a misunderstanding of an email i recieved from them.and would like to chang it to above average and to inform you that they are working with me very well on the product not loading on my laptop. a replacement was shipped out to already. thank you, ken clark

    PS,please send them a copy of this email with my reguards thanks

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