Endicia Mode – Label Server

Teapplix Supports DHL Global Mail. Endicia PDF for DHLGM supports both domestic and international labels. The label generated by Teapplix has the correct USPS IMBP barcode and the final USPS Tracking Number,which can be used directly as tracking number in both USPS & DHL Global Mail sites.


  1. Teapplix requires that you have an Endicia account to generate DHL Global Mail labels. If you do not have one, in Teapplix, click on "Setup => Endicia" and click on the link to open an Endicia Postage Account. (link shown below, circled in red)
  2. Teapplix supports 4x6 thermal printers. By default our labels are generated for 203 DPI printers like Zebra. If your printer is 300 DPI like Dymo, you can contact Teapplix support and we will switch the DPI setting for you.

DHL Global Mail Account

Next you have to obtain a DHL Global Mail account. To do that contact your DHL Rep.

Configuring Your Teapplix Account For Endicia Label Server

  1. In your Teapplix Account, go to "Setup => Shipping". In the "USPS Provider" section, select "Endicia Label Server"
  2. After you save the page, go to "Setup => Endicia", and type in your Endicia Account Number and Passphrase. If you are required to change pass phrase, type in your new passphrase twice in the provided box. This is only required if you just signed up for Endicia Account and is required to immediately to do a passphrase change.
  3. Once you successfully save your account number and passphrase, if you have not previously done it, you need to contact Endicia to "provision" your Label Server account with your DHL account info. You must complete this step before you can print test labels.

Print 5 Test Labels

  1. Create 5 fake orders in Teapplix. You can use "Add" link under "Open Orders".
  2. For these orders, assign DHL Global Mail shipping method + weight.
  3. With the 5 orders selected, press the "DHL" button.
  4. Print the resulting PDF to your thermal printer.
  5. Login to your Endicia.com and print the DHL end of day form. Follow the instructions here.
  6. Submit the 5 test labels and the end of day form to DHL Global Mail for certification. Note that the 5 fake orders will be marked as shipped by this process.

Enabling Additional Teapplix Accounts

Once your Endicia account information is setup for printing DHL, meaning the test label process, all additional Teapplix accounts can be used to print DHL labels as long as that same initial Endicia account is integrated with the Teapplix account.