You can now print Endicia labels via PDF directly from Teapplix on your PC or Mac.

If you don't yet have an Endicia account
You can create one from Teapplix using the wizard displayed after you logged in to Teapplix. Please be aware of the following rules from Endicia when creating a new account:

  • Security question & answer must not contain same words, must not contain anything related to customer's account information.
  • Contact first name and last name fields cannot be the same as company name.
  • Password must have lowercase, capital, special characters, and at least 2 digits
  • Passphase must have spaces in between

If you already have an Endicia account
You can choose to use that and follow the steps below to configure Your Teapplix Account For Endicia

  1. In your Teapplix Account, go to "Setup => Shipping". In the "USPS Provider" section, select "Endicia (PDF)" endicia
  2. Teapplix requires that you have an Endicia account to Endicia labels.  Enter the Account Number and Passphrase accordingly.If you do not have one, in Teapplix, click on "Setup => Endicia" and click on the "signup for Endicia account" link.
  3. If you just signed up for Endicia account, you will be required to immediately do a passphrase change. Under this case type in your new passphrase twice. If you are NOT required to do a passphrase change, leave the 2 input boxes blank.
  4. Once you successfully save your account number and passphrase, you are ready to you can select orders to send via USPS under "Open Orders" and assign USPS shipping method + weight.
  5. With the orders selected, press the "USPS" button.
  6. Refer to "Print Using Online PDF" for more details