Extra Packages

If you use PDF based method for shipping labels (USPS, FedEx, UPS), the "extra packages" link allows you to ship multiple boxes that correspond to a single order.

You click on the "extra package" link under the order, and then click + to add a new package.

The extra label will print after the main label.

Depending on carrier, your tracking number may be the same or it may be different. The shipping method across all packages may also have some differences.


Please Note: There will be multiple tracking numbers (one for each package), but we will display the first tracking number on the Order History page, and use it to update your order on the marketplace and email to your buyer.  The tracking site will also only display the first tracking number.

But you can check the additional tracking numbers by clicking on the "extra packages" action link for that order.  And track it separately on the tracking website.

For external programs such as Worldship and Dazzle, we don't don't have any control over how the Extra Packages are handled with regards to tracking numbers. The external programs handle the multiple tracking differently then Teapplix does and depend upon their software.