Print With External Clients

In addition to the PDF based shipping labels, Teapplix supports integration with external client programs to print shipping labels:

  • For USPS, Teapplix integrates with Endicia DaZzle. This is supported only on Windows
  • For UPS, Teapplix integrates with UPS WorldShip

You can make these type of choice on Setup => Shipping.

We recommend most people to choose our PDF based shipping label method, as this method provides the best integration and allows you to cancel, reprint etc directly within Teapplix.

If you choose external client method, there are 2 choices for workflow:

Manual Workflow
In this workflow:

  1. Select a list of orders to print and press a button to generate a document. Save this document.
  2. Print using the external client by passing it this saved document.
  3. The external client will generate an output file after printing. You should upload the output file back to Teapplix after printing.

Direct Print Workflow
Direct print workflow works on Internet Explorer and Firefox. It leverages a ActiveX or Firefox plugin to automate the above steps:

  1. Select a list of orders to print and press a button.
  2. Browser will automatically save the file and launch or activate the client program to print the label.
  3. After print is complete, browser will either automatically upload the output file back, or you will need to press a single button to upload this file back to Teapplix.