Direct Print and Vista / Windows 7

We found out that Direct Print on Vista / Windows 7 under "Protected Mode" does now work. Here is the procedure to make Direct Print work.

To make Teapplix Direct Print ActiveX work under Vista / Windows 7, you need to make sure that Internet Explorer is not running under "Protected Mode: On" when you navigate to Teapplix.

To see this, open up Internet Explorer, go to

Your browser should say "Protected Mode: Off" in the status bar.

If it says "Protected Mode: On", you need to configure it to turn
it off for

1. click on Tools -> Internet Options. Then click on Security tab, and click
on "Trusted sites". Make sure the check box for "Enable Protected
Mode checkbox is unchecked.

2. click on "Sites", uncheck "Require server verification (https:)
checkbox, and press "Add" to add to your trusted

3. If you are using the eBay Selling Manager version of Teapplix, Teapplix TShip, you need to add 2 more sites to your trusted sites: http://* and https://*

After the above steps, restart your browser, and verify you see the "Protected Mode: Off" on the status bar when you navigate to Teapplix Open Orders page.