Setup Shipping Options

Setup: Shipping:  Setup general shipping parameters

  1. Fill out the 'From Address'shippingoptionspartial
  2. Fill out the 'Shipping Options'
    shippingoptionspartial2Default all address to residential
  3. USPS Provider

    By default, you will get a free Teapplix USPS account with discounted rate.
    If you have an account with Endicia or and need to use it, please contact Teapplix Support (help me choose)

    Click the red "+" sign to expand the "Configure USPS Consolidator shipping methods" (more info)shippingoptionspartial4

  4. Enable UPS
    UPS Online API
    WorldShip XML Auto Import Direct Print
    WorldShip XML Auto Import
    WorldShip CSV(not seeing any info)(Not seeing UPS Return Label info)shippingoptionspartial5Click the red "+" sign to expand the "configure shipping methods" and select accordinglyshippingoptionspartial6Note - Mail Innovations only work with WorldShip
  5. Enable FedEx
  6. Enable DHL
  7. Enable Asian Carriers
    shippingoptionspartial9Click the red "+" sign to expand
    shippingoptionspartialaChina Post ePacket
    HK Post ePacket
    Click on red "+" sign to expand "configure shipping methods" and select accordingly
  8. Enable Address and CN22 Labels:
  9. PDF Label Layout - Here you can select the default label printer etc - this is only for printing labels via PDF options - not with UPS WorldShip, FedEx Shipmanager, or Endicia Dazzle.
    shippingoptionspartialcAfter all options have been selected, Click "Save"