Common Issues in Order Management

I cannot cancel a shipping label
Depending on which shipping carrier you used for that shipping label, below are the rules for various carrier:
For USPS: You can only cancel a label that was printed on the same day you are trying to cancel it.
For FedEx/UPS: You can only cancel a label that was printed prior 1-2 days ONLY IF you have not done the End Of Day.

If your order is within the allowed time period and you haven't done the End Of Day, you may need to contact the shipping carrier you used to check out the reason of the error.

For FedEx/UPS, since the postage for the label is not charged until you ship the package, you may not need to cancel the label in order to print another label for the same order. You may use our RMA feature to create a replacement order and use the replacement order to print the label