Endicia “Pay-on-Use Returns”

Normally for USPS return labels, the return labels are charged immediately when printed.

For Endicia, there is a special service, called “Pay-on-Use Returns”.

You can contact Endicia and turn on Pay on Scan service on your Endicia account.

To set it up in Teapplix so your USPS return labels will all be printed with Pay-On-Use,  please go to Setup->USPS,  under Additional Setttings, and check the "Pay On Use Returns". (Please note if  you turn on this and use Teapplix USPS, your Priority/Express Mail return label will be printed via Endicia as well).

You can further choose to automatcially printe the return label after each  USPS labels, which we call "paired" mode, by checking the "Generate Return Label Automatically".

Please note, the paired mode by default will apply to all your USPS lables.  Otherwise please only set it for a certain Shipping Profile following the instruction below:

How to turn on paired mode for selected orders

Go to Setup->Shipping Profile, turn on multiple shipping profiles,  add an additional shipping profile,  and add the same endicia account to it.
Go to Setup->USPS,  select that new Shipping Profile,  click on Additional Setttings, and check both checkboxes ( "Pay On Use Returns" and "Generate Return Label Automatically").