Common Issues in Order Downloading

Use eBay+PayPal Mode, But Orders Are Not Downloaded

First, please make sure that
On Teapplix Setup->PayPal page, enter the correct primary email address for your PayPal account.
The missing of transactions in Teapplix could be due to various reasons, but the most common one being a change to the PayPal primary email address and not updating that in Teapplix.

If you enabled PayPal IPN to retrieve your orders
Please make sure PayPal is sending IPN messages. Go to your PayPal account, My Account->History->IPN History.
Once you identified the problem and fixed it, You can go to IPN history in PayPal and resend the missing transactions.

If you enabled PayPal API access to retrieve your orders
And if you have setup multiple PayPal accounts with Teapplix, please make sure that you only entered the primary email address for each PayPal account, and you have enabled API access for EVERY Payapl account. Otherwise if we failed with one of the email address with API access, we will stop retriving your orders.

Using eBay Only Mode, Orders Suddenly Stopped Downloading
1). On the Setup->eBay page, check if there is a message about your eBay token has expired. If so, you need to renew your eBay token.
2). Perform a manual sync by click on the "Sync Orders Now" button.

Amazon Orders Not Downloaded
First make sure you have new Amazon orders after you setup Amazon integration in Teapplix.

  1. Try perform a manual sync using the "Sync Orders Now" button on the Setup->Amazon page.
  2. If you get an error with "Invalid AuthToken" , please make sure you entered the full MWS Auth Token given by Amazon (it starts with amzn.mws....)
  3. If you get an error with invalid Seller Id , please delete the integration setup and re-do the registeration. And if this issue persists, please contact Teapplix support which can help you contact Amazon.
  4. If you don't get any error, but still no orders are downloaded, change the Interval time to another value, wait for 20-25 minutes and click on "Sync Orders Now" button. This will trigger Amazon to start generating your daily orders report that somehow stopped. If this method works, you can then change the sync time back to the old value.
  5. If you do have new orders and all above approches do not work, it could be due to an Amazon issue that your order report were not generated. Please login to your Amazon Seller Central and log a request to regenerate your order report using your seller Id.

If you integrate with Volusion shopping cart to retrieve orders

If you change the password in Volusion, you will need to re-generate url since the url in Teapplix setup has password embedded in it.
Check in the URL the specific value for Order_Status is exactly match the Order_Status value in the order reports in your Volusion.

If you integrate with AsecureCart shopping cart to retrieve orders

Please contact AsecureCart to find to the possible reason, since the orders are pushed to Teapplixed from your AsecureCart automatically.

Orders Downloaded Not Having Item Name

If you are using eBay+PayPal mode

The missing of item name in the order could be due to missing eBay listings in Teapplix, or listings downloaded to Teapplix is missing custom label or vendor sku. Please re-download eBay Listings by going to the Setup->eBay page and clicking on "Download eBay Listings" button.

If you are integrating with PayPal direclty to retrieve orders

The missing of item name in the order could be due to PayPal payment not having item details. Please login to your PayPal account and check the PayPal payment details.

If the PayPal payment is for a Shopping Cart orders, please contact the Shopping Cart to send the order item details to PayPal.

If the PayPal payment is for a PayPal invoice, please contact PayPal to include the item details from the invoice in the payment.