Other USPS Providers

By default, you will get a free Teapplix USPS account with discounted rates. It does not require you to install any client programs. Labels are generated as pdf documents from our web page and printed to your printer.

We also integrate with  Endicia Label Server API and Stamps.com,  if you have an account with them and need to use it, you can also add it to your Teapplix Account by setting up additional Shipping Profiles

  • First go to Setup => Shipping Profile page, turn on Multiple Profiles.  Add a new shipping profile,  provide a name and save.
  • Then to to Setup => USPS page,  select the new Shipping Profile from the drop down list.  Choose "Enter Another USPS Account". Choose either Endicia or Stamps.  And enter your account details.

Batch Printing
We recommend that you shouldn’t print more than 200 orders at a time. This will allow you to have better response and also prevents major issues while printing which can be a problem with large batches.