Sort Codes

Sort Codes are internal codes published by DHL Global Mail, that is required for direct mode printing of labels.

Periodically, DHL Global Mail publishes new version of the sort codes. Once they do that, you must download these new sort codes.

Download Sort Codes

This button is on Teapplix Setup => DHL Global Mail. You must first enter in all the ftp information and save. After that you can push the "Download Sort Codes" butotn, this will cause Teapplix to do the following:

  • ftp to your DHL Global Mail ftp server, and download file from "Sort_Codes" folder
  • delete the currently loaded DHL Global Mail sort codes table, and load from the new file into your database

Please make sure the download operation completes with a "Sort Codes downloaded successfully" message. If you encounter an error, please contact Teapplix support.