Q: What is the largest batch of orders that I should print?
We recommend that you shouldn't print more than 200 orders at a time. This will allow you to have better response and also prevents major issues while printing which can be a problem with large batches.

Q: What if I printed the label twice for a label?
A: If you printed the label more than once for a label, Teapplix can only store the newest shipping information such as tracking number. To cancel the old label and get refund,

  • For label printed using Endicia and Stamps.com - you can go to their web site to cancel the old label.
  • For label printed using Teapplix USPS, contact Teapplix support to cancel the old label.
  • For label printed using USP/Fedex - there is no need to cancel any label since there was no charge during label printing.

Q: I click on "USPS Direct Print" button and I get an error message.
A: Make sure the full folder path of your Teapplix folder that you created on the desktop was copied correctly under your Dazzle setup in Teapplix

Q:  Any printing process: I hit print, nothing happens, yet I'm getting charged postage.
A: If the process is working but nothing is printing from the printer, check your printer - look in your printer queue as you may have label waiting to print, but there's something wrong with your printer.

Q:  Packing Lists not printing correctly, printing on more than 1 page.
A: check the configuration.  Use the Content Editor in the Packing List setup.  You can also use an html editor for configuring and paste it in html source.

Q: How do I turn off Teapplix signature in the email notification?
A: There is now a checkbox under Setup => Ship Notification Email to turn off the Teapplix signature at email bottom, just like packing lists.

Q: Have an order that's too large and needs to go in 2 boxes; how can I print 2 labels?
A: A work around would be to generate a RMA and print your second label that way.

Q: what paper size is supported with thermal printer?
A: All our carrier shipping options support 4x6 thermal, if you use Endicia it also support other sizes.

Q: How do I print 'Return' label for a new order (not yet shipped) ?
A: Assign it USPS or UPS method. Click on “UPS” or “USPS” link, and click on the “Return” button.

Q: Why my APO/DPO/FPO address labels are printed in 8x11 paper?
A: APO/DPO/FPO addresses are treated as international shipping.

Q: When I print out USPS International or APO shipping label it print out product name instead sku # like before. How can I change to display sku#?
A: We use to put SKU on customs forms, some people wanted title, other people want sku, yet other people wanted something else there.  If you notice in Inventory tab, the products now have a "Customs Description" field. If you want SKU there, just repeat the SKU in customs description. You can do that on remember weight screen, or by exporting the products table and copying over sku to customs description and importing back in. When you do that make sure you select "clear existing data".