USPS Consolidators

Teapplix supports shipping to international addresses via USPS Consolidators. You generate your labels for international orders via your Endicia account using the USPS button. The label has no postage, but is good for companies like Globegistics etc.

To do this:

  1. You need to have your Endicia account enabled for the consolidator account
  2. In Teapplix “Setup => Shipping”, make sure your USPS Provider is set to “Endicia”. Click on +(Configure USPS Consolidator shipping methods) link, and enable the shipping methods you need.
  3. Save the page

The following additional shipping methods, if enabled in the above steps, will be visible for international orders under the Open Orders page:

  1. International Priority Airmail
  2. International Surface Air Lift
  3. Generic Consolidator International
  4. Commercial ePacket

You can select these shipping methods, put in weight, and press ‘USPS’ button to generate the shipping labels needed for the consolidators.

Supported Consolidators
Supported consolidators include, but are not limited to

  • Globgistics
  • APC

Teapplix  supports consolidators via Endicia label server.

In Setup => Shipping, click on the +Configure USPS Consolidate shipping methods link and check the methods you use.  Please note you must select Endicia first before you are presented with the options to configure the USPS Consolidators.