Ending Etsy Listing

For Etsy listings, Teapplix ActionShip can only update inventory with non-zero quantity up to max value 999. When an item is sold out and quantity in ActionShip becomes 0, we will perform the special operation:

  • If  the listing is still active on Etsy, but ActionShip computed quantity available <=0, then ActionShip will mark the Etsy listing as inactive (it may display on Etsy as "edit" status). This listing is no longer available for sale. The quantity on such listings are ignored by Etsy and ActionShip.
  • When you obtain additional inventory for an item that has been ended on Etsy, ActionShip "re-activate" it in the following ways

Please note: Esty does not allow all variations in a listing to be marked as inactive. So if there are only certain variations in a listing being sold out, in order to only update those variation as inactive, you would need to setup different SKU to each variation,  and enable quantity control for individual variation on Etsy.