With your account, you can print USPS labels via PDF directly from Teapplix on your PC or Mac.

Configuring Your Teapplix Account For

  1. In your Teapplix Account, go to "Setup => Shipping". In the "USPS Provider" section, select ""
  2. "Setup =>" and enter account information or if you don't have a account, then Register
  3. Once you successfully enter your account information, you are ready to select orders to send via USPS under "Open Orders" and assign USPS shipping method + weight.
  4. With the orders selected, press the "USPS" button.
  5. After printing, the orders will automatically clear out of Open Orders and move to Order History.  You can find the order and reprint or cancel shipping label. If a label is cancelled, the order will go back to open orders.
  6. Stealth mode is by default so postage paid will not show on label.
  7. See "How to Print Using Online PDF" for more details