If you already have a Stamps account, and would like to use it with Teapplix,  you an follow the steps below to connect your Teapplix Account with Stamps and use it to generate labels:

  1. First go to Setup => Shipping Profile page, check Multiple Profiles if it is not turned on yet.  Add a new shipping profile,  provide a name and save.
  2. Go to Setup => USPS page,  select the new Shipping Profile from the drop down list.  Choose "Enter Another USPS Account" and choose Stamps.
  3.  Enter your Stamps Account Number and Passphrase accordingly.
  4. Once you successfully save your account number and passphrase, you will see the postage balance you have in Stamps account.  You can also purchase more postage on this page.
  5. To generate labels using Stamps,  on the Open Orders page, you need to first select the correct Shipping Profile on the Profile dropdown list.  Then select orders to ship via USPS with USPS shipping method + weight all filled.
  6. With the orders selected, press the "USPS" button.   Refer to "Print Using Online PDF" for more details