USPS Return Labels

Teapplix USPS supports 2 kind of return labels

  • Pre-paid return labels
  • Pay on Use return labels (supported only for US mainland addresses)

On setup => USPS, you can choose to use "Pay on Use" return labels by clicking on the checkbox. Turning on pay on use carry certain further restrictions:

  • You are required to maintain a $500 minimum postage balance in your Teapplix account
  • Such returned label cannot be used after 90 days
  • Each label that is used, you will be charged actual postage based on USPS commercial base rates, and in addition a $0.25 per label surchage.

If you turned on Pay on Use return labels and have some active return label printed in the last 90 days, and you need to close your Teapplix Account, your postage balance may be refunded after the 90 day window is passed.