USPS Return Labels

How to Generate USPS Return Shipping Labels

To generate return shipping labels via DaZzle, first create a RMA record for the return and set the RMA Code to "Return".  The order will be automatically put into the "Return" queue so you don't accidentally ship the replacement back while you wait for the return.

From the "Return" queue, there is a Generate "USPS Return XML" button. Select the order you want return labels, and press the button.

To print the return label, you need to open a layout, and set the printer to a "print to pdf" printer or "print to xps file" printer. After you have done that, when you print the return shipping label, DaZzle will prompt you to save the pdf or xps file.

You can email the resulting .pdf / .xps file to your customer for them to return the item to you. They can just print the file and put the label on their box. Postage is already paid.

To generate return shipping labels via, same steps except you will see a "USPS Returns" button instead and it will open the return label in a pdf file that you can print or email.