Amazon Sales Tax

Amazon has a very diverse and different sales tax handling, depending on state. Teapplix handles the following logic for Amazon sales tax.

State where Amazon Collects and Pays Tax

For orders in WA, PA, OK and other growing number of states, sales tax is collected by Amazon and paid to the state. Seller does not need to manage sales tax. Teapplix order download will automatically zero out the sales tax amount for these orders, and the order will export to your QuickBooks as "customer not taxable".

Multi-State Sales Tax Collection and Reporting

Because Amazon collects sales tax for multiple states, your export to QuickBooks has become more complex. Teapplix allows you to map "sales tax mapping" so that each state will have a different sales tax item associated to it.

When Teapplix exports an Amazon order that has non-zero sales tax, we will look at this sales tax mapping based on the order address state, and use the proper sales tax item.

To utilize this feature, you need to setup a separate sales tax item for each state Amazon collects sales tax for you, then go to QuickBooks->Tax Mapping page setup the mapping.