Sears Marketplace Support

We now support Sears Marketplace, for both order import as well as ship confirmation back.

You need to add your Sears Marketplace login/password to Setup => Others => Shopping Cart.

Note that due to order id conflicts, you can not have / / Volusion integrated into the same Teapplix account right now. You need to open multiple Teapplix accounts for this.

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4,968 Responses to Sears Marketplace Support

  1. Fermon Broome says:

    Does this mean that if I have sears set up. I can not manually import If I did need another Teapplix account setup would I have to pay additional for it. I was led to believe I could use the same account for all my marketplaces

  2. admin says:

    Right now you are forced to keep these in separate accounts. We are looking for possible ways to get around this so this may only for the next couple of months.

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