Teapplix Releases Discount USPS Rates Powered by Express1

We are excited to announce the capability to purchase discount USPS priority and express mail shipping labels through Teapplix powered by Express1.
With our Express1 integration, any Teapplix customer can print discount USPS Priority Mail (flat rate and 1-3lbs) and Express Mail (1-2lbs) shipping labels, at the deepest discount available that you normally will not qualify for. You get to save up to $1 per piece on some priority mail labels.
Most businesses don’t meet the volume requirements for discounts on their USPS Priority, Flat Rate or Express shipping. As a volume postage partner of the USPS, Express 1 is able to make available big business discounts for any Teapplix customer.
Teapplix has integrated this capability directly into the product. Within the product there is a special queue that filter out all orders that qualify for the Express1 discount, and with a single button click you can generate the shipping label via PDF to be sent to your printer.
Setup is easy, there is a shipping section to put in your address and your label preferences. We also preserved the capability to put SKU on your shipping labels. Label cancel and refund is instant in our "Order History" display.
You can signup for an free Express1 account and pay for postage via credit card or ACH transfer.
So look for the red "discount priority & express" link for qualifying orders, and use the Setup section to setup your Express1 account today to leverage the savings.

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8 Responses to Teapplix Releases Discount USPS Rates Powered by Express1

  1. shawn says:

    Hi Xudong,

    We setting up shipping with this service, is the operation side the same ? Ones that qualify, are they printed from the same method and postage ?


  2. admin says:

    The operation side is a little different. When you press the button it generates a PDF file in a popup window. Make sure you disable popup blocker for teapplix.com.

    If your popup did not work, make sure you don’t click the “Return to Open Orders”. There is a link to re-open the popup.

  3. Hank says:

    Hi Xudong

    Where and how do I check how each package was charged and how much was the postage paid?

    Thank you

  4. admin says:

    If you go to Order History and find shipped order today, each order shipped this way has postage amount listed and a cancel link.

  5. Jon says:

    If we cancel the label in the order history, will the item get back to the open orders?

  6. xudong says:

    Yes it will return to open orders

  7. nbgfinancial says:

    Hello Xudong,

    Thanks for the Express1 integration.
    Where do I go to set label options when setting this up?
    I have been using the service successfully but need to reset label size every time I ship Express1

  8. xudong says:

    Did you complete the “Setup” -> “Shipping” page? It has label size etc.

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