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Teapplix ActionShip® is your total scalable solution

Open Orders

All your orders and info on one screen

Filter orders and automate actions

Manage orders in queues

Shipping presets with multiple profiles

Remember weight and dimension for future orders

Bulk update shipping methods and options

Automatic Filter Rules

Put orders into queues

Add tags

Manage orders in queues

Automated rules

Remember weight and methods

Remember extra packages

Rate and Option

View and compare rates

Edit shipping option

Edit shipping address

Edit order item and quantity

Ship as multiple packages

Batch Printing

Batch address verification, batch rate quotes

One click batch printing of labels

Scan verification of order content

Customizable pick list and packing lists

Rate Shop

Automate shipping decision for one or more orders

Compare multiple carriers and methods

Find best method at lowest rate

Rules based on delivery date, weights and dimensions

QuickBooks Integration

Seamless integration with QuickBooks Desktop (pro/premier/enterprise) and QuickBooks online

Provide a mapping system to map your listings to items in your QuickBooks

Automatically sync orders to QuickBooks as Sales Receipt, Sales Order or Invoice

Support Kit products and multi-packs, can automatically build assembly items in QuickBooks

Optionally can create items and customers in your QuickBooks

Amazon Settlement Reports

Automatically download Amazon Settlement Reports

Record Amazon fee in QuickBooks with each Amazon order

Optionally enter other Amazon charges in QuickBooks as debit or credit

Automatically enter Amazon refunds in QuickBooks as credit memo

Multiple Channel Inventory

Manage your inventory and automatically track quantity changes with live orders

Update inventory to all your selling channels every 15 minutes

Channel SKU can be mapped to a single SKU

Inventory to Kit products and multi-packs is calculated based on each of their component product

Inventory alerts for short of stock and stale products

Multiple Warehouses

You can define multiple warehouses in ActionShip inventory system

Each warehouse can have different source such as internal, external, Amazon FBA

Each Product can belong to one or multiple warehouses

Each order automatically assigned to a warehouse for quality tracking

Listings can be linked to a warehouse for inventory update

Automated Shipping

Fully automated shipping flow reduce manual work and human error. Help you meet the shipping deadline from Marketplaces

Orders are downloaded, filtered and put in the right order queue, set with ship method and weight

After label is generated, tracking number is automatically updated to the marketplaces

Save Time & Money

ActionShip is designed to be the fastest shipping software

Fully automated flow makes sure orders are ready to ship as soon as they were placed

Bulk Shipping can generate labels for hundreds of orders all at once. Significantly reduce your time spent in shipping operation

Rate Shop among all major shipping carriers will pick the cheapest rate, reduce your shipping cost

Shipping Accurately

Mistakes in shipping not only cost money and time, but also cost customer satisfaction. ActionShip can prevent it

Address Validation fixes the incorrect addresses and ensure fast delivery

Scan&Print guarantees each package contains the right items from each order


Comprehensive reports give you consolidated data over sales, inventory an shipping cost. Let you have a better summary of your business. And They are easy to search and generate

Orders Report contains detailed customer information that can be used as a master contact list

Postage Report helps you track your weekly, monthly or yearly shipping cost

All In One Software

Less integration hassle. Less fee cost. More data consistency. Consistent web page looking and feel

Track financial and inventory in our software. Get a clear picture of your business performance and inventory assets

Record shipping postage cost together with the sales data in the QuickBooks

Use Inventory from QuickBooks to update your selling channels

Import Sales Receipts or Invoices from QuickBooks to ActionShip for shipping

Multi Channel Inventory

Track near real time inventory changes and automatically update all your selling channel. Prevent overselling and achieve high customer satisfactory

Allow you to manage inventory across multiple warehouses and leverage inventory from your suppliers

Inventory alerts let you better monitor the stock level and plan ahead with purchasing plan


Standard REST interface let you easily integrate ActionShip with your in-house system or other 3rd party software, even embed ActionShip Web Interface into your web application

Comprehensive APIs covering order synchronization, shipping, and inventory synchronization

Realtime notification with new, cancelled or shipped orders

It allows you to fully automate daily operation and optimize the time and resource

Teapplix ActionShip® Pricing

ActionShip® is a monthly service that starts at $20 a month.
Price is based on order volume and features activated. Your first 30 days is free, and we offer a first 90 days money back guarantee.
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