Batch Shipping

Print Shipping Labels in Bulk

  • Group orders based on shipping carrier and label size to facilitate batch printing
  • Bulk print up to 2000 labels in one batch
  • Sort based on SKU and Location code, or by zip code
  • Allows you to put customizable SKU names on shipping labels
  • Supports laser as well as thermal label printers
  • Supports USPS domestic and international with integrated customs form
  • FedEx domestic and international with integrated customs form
  • UPS domestic and international, with integrated customs form

Remembers Weights and Shipping Options

  • Remembers weight, dimensions and shipping methods
    based on item name
  • Accurate to a fraction of an ounce
  • Stores single as well as multiple item weights and shipping options
  • Remembers separate domestic and international shipping options
  • Calculates weights and shipping options for multiple-item shopping carts

USPS Integration

  • Integrated with USPS approved PC Postage vendors
  • Discounted USPS postage rate for both domestic and international mail classes
  • Online rate quotes
  • Bulk print domestic and international live postage labels
  • Supports laser 1/4 sheet, 1/2 sheet, full page labels
  • Supports thermal and laser printers
  • Supports all USPS shipping class, including First Class and First Class International

UPS Integration - UPS Ready®

  • Integrated with UPS OnLine® Tools, generate UPS label direct from web page
  • Online rate quotes
  • Bulk print all UPS labels in one batch, with international customs form when needed
  • Use your own UPS account and your own negotiated discount rates
  • Also support UPS WorldShip software using XML Auto Import

FedEx Integration

  • Integrated with FedEx Web Service
  • Bulk print all FedEx labels in one batch, with integrated customs form when needed
  • Alternatively, print one label per mouse click with a chance to make revisions
  • Use your own FedEx account number and your own negotiated discount rates

Packing Lists and Ship Notification Emails

  • Automatically send shipping notification email with electronic invoice and
    tracking number
  • Customizable email headers and footers
  • Customizable packing lists that support HTML templates
  • SKU, warehouse location, special instructions on packing lists
  • Amazon gift message on packing lists
  • Memo on packing lists

Order Management

  • Search order history from anywhere with a web browser
  • Manual order entry and update.
  • Create RMA and exchanges with a single click
  • Merge orders into a single shipment