Teapplix Integrates with Jet.com providing shipping, inventory, and accounting automation

Teapplix Integrates with Jet.com offering a worthy solution for shipping, inventory, and accounting automation.

Teapplix is proud to be a Jet.com integration partner. The new integration of Teapplix with the Jet.com platform offers for a worthy solution for e-commerce sellers that will help them manage their multi-channel shipping, inventory, and accounting automation on whatever third party front-end solution they choose. Jet.com is unique in the fact that when shoppers fill up their cart, Jet.com’s algorithm automatically lowers the prices of related items, sometimes up to 15%. This encourages customers to spend more so that they can maximize their savings. But because Jet.com offers no “front-end,” sellers need to utilize a third-party integration to get their products in front of Jet.com buyers. Luckily, Teapplix integrates with most of them. Once you’re up and running, Teapplix has an affordable Jet.com API integration, and it’s easy to download, allowing e-commerce businesses to easily ship their Jet.com orders, upload tracking numbers, and manage inventory and quantity on Jet.com.

Teapplix helps to improve the efficiency of your Jet.com business

With Teapplix, you can get the benefits of selling on Jet.com without the headache of having to handle each order manually. We can improve the efficiency of your business, lower your shipping costs using the most efficient shipping methods, and make sure that your orders go out on time, which also helps to ensure that you maintain a high Jet.com seller rating.

Teapplix goes beyond simple shipping, offering Jet.com sellers:

  • Shipping Automation- Teapplix shipping software lets you automate your order fulfillment process to send your Jet.com orders as quickly and cost effectively as possible, and we include a wide range of features that can make the process easier and save you money.
  • Listing Software- Teapplix listing software allows you to launch and list your products onto Jet.com in bulk with a single click of a button.
  • Order Processing- Teapplix saves you time by downloading Jet.com orders and uploading tracking numbers using the Jet.com web service API. Order payment and cancellation status are tracked and reflected in Teapplix. Orders marked as shipped on Jet.com are also automatically marked as shipped in Teapplix. Order synchronization happens when you push a button, or it can be set up to occur periodically every 15 minutes.
  • Automated Jet.com Inventory Management- Teapplix offers Jet.com inventory management software to help you manage your inventory across multiple channels. Teapplix downloads product and listing information from Jet.com, including pictures, SKU, UPC, etc. Teapplix can synchronize quantity back to Jet.com every 15 minutes to eliminate over-sells. In addition, you can also use Teapplix to update prices for your listings in bulk.

Start a free 30-day trial of Teapplix Shipping Automation Software today, and see how it can speed up your Jet.com business and make order fulfillment a breeze!


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3rd largest e-commerce site in US

Top 3 e-commerce site in US

  1. Amazon
  2. Walmart
  3. Macy's

Of course, the first 2 now are open to 3rd party sellers. Walmart is still by invitation only, (Teapplix customer's can ask us for an invitation). Macy's is not open to 3rd party sellers, but time will tell if that will change.

Yesterday's interview with Macy's CEO has some interesting information. Macy's has the same "high speed fulfillment warehouse infrastructure" as Amazon. They have the same 1 - 2 day delivery capability as Amazon too, so they too can in theory jump into the fray. Of course, if they will be open to 3rd party sellers is the next interesting question.

It is natural to think that the next logical extension of Walmart Marketplace is a "Fulfillment by Walmart" model. This brings an interesting question to multi-channel sellers, "How are you going to allocate inventory if these channels all push their own fulfillment warehouse, which essentially prevents fulfillment by other competing marketplaces?"

Comments welcome on our facebook page

For more information on the Teapplix integration with the Walmart Marketplace, and to request a referral, please click here.

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Teapplix / Walmart Marketplace Integration – Shipping, Inventory management, and Accounting Automation for e-commerce

Press Release

Palo Alto, CA, August 11, 2016: Teapplix, a leader in Shipping, Inventory Management and Accounting Automation, announced a new partnership today with Walmart Marketplace which enables Teapplix customers to become 3rd party sellers on Walmart.com, bringing great new revenue opportunities for their e-commerce businesses.

"Walmart is one of the most important marketplaces to accept 3rd party sellers in the past few years. Nobody can ignore Walmart in their strategy. Our initial sellers on Walmart.com have received tremendous success with the Marketplace that reaches about 80 million unique visitors a month," noted Xudong Yan, the CEO of Teapplix, Inc.

Teapplix’s automated software helps customers by downloading Walmart.com orders and acknowledging them automatically to meet specific Walmart guidelines. Customers enjoy the convenience printing shipping labels in bulk, and the Teapplix’s integration with and all US shipping carriers while saving on USPS shipping rates.

This new integration provides Automatic Inventory Management to Walmart Marketplace sellers to help them manage their inventory across multiple channels. Teapplix downloads product and listing information from Walmart.com and can synchronize quantity back to the Walmart Marketplace every 15 minutes to eliminate over-sells. In addition, customers can now use Teapplix software on Walmart.com to bulk update price listings too, and much more!

Through this partnership and integration, Teapplix customers who use Walmart Marketplace can also utilize accounting software that automatically exports Walmart.com orders into Quickbooks, allowing sellers to properly manage profit & loss and synchronize inventory levels.

Teapplix can refer current Teapplix customers (including trial customers) to obtain an invitation to be a 3rd-party seller on the Walmart Marketplace. You must meet certain requirements. To get started, contact Teapplix support for a referral by clicking here today!

For more information, please click here.

Start your free trial today, and sell on Walmart Marketplace with this exclusive invitation from Teapplix. Try Teapplix today for free. It's easy to set-up and we'll provide the customer support you need to help make it even easier. There's obligation. To get started, just Click here.

watch the webinar
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About Teapplix
Teapplix automation software provides the most sophisticated and flexible shipping, inventory and QuickBooks integration functions for online sellers. Highly rated by thousands of customers! You can save time and money using Teapplix multi-channel order and inventory management software. With our completed solution for shipping automation, accounting management and inventory tracking, your life will be much easier. With our multi-user, web based application, you can work anywhere with internet access. You can scale your business by consolidating orders from all market places into one place, getting the best price shipping method and bulk printing labels. You can track your inventory product quantities more efficiently and avoid over sell. You can better manage your profit & loss in your QuickBooks. Teapplix has been contributing to the success of thousands of online sellers, including many of the largest sellers on eBay and Amazon. Please visit www.teapplix.com for more information.

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Amazon Refunds Exported to QuickBooks

Teapplix is now beta testing exporting Amazon refunds into QuickBooks as credit memos.

Teapplix will download your Amazon refund information. This typically comes 1-2 days after refund is issued on Amazon. If you setup your QuickBooks integration properly, Teapplix will export these refunds as Credit Memos. Lines on the credit memos could include:

  • Item -- item is assumed to be returned and credited back to inventory
  • Fee adjustments -- Amazon commission is returned to seller, while a refund commission is charged to the seller
  • Adjustment to shipping, promotions, etc

Tax Considerations
Teapplix assumes that only the item is taxable, and will mark the customer as taxable if refund included sales tax adjustments.

If you would like to try out exporting Amazon refunds to QuickBooks, please contact Teapplix Support.

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Business Model Disruption – how Tesla Beats Google on Auto Pilot

This example shows how a company with less resources can still innovate on business model and beat a much bigger company. By using customer as gathering point, it seems like driverless car software wars will be won by manufactures that:

  • build and sell a lot of cars with hardware already built-in and turned on
  • are very good at software

Tesla already out with 70,000 cars, and with Model 3 will basically cover the world geography / roads at faster rate than anybody else. Next potential is Volvo, and I think their Chinese owner if properly partnered will also win out.


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Inventory cost model change for multi-warehouse

We have made a change to "inventory cost" for multi-warehouse.

All multi-warehouse that are not tied to external systems, will be treated as "avg cost". As a result, when you upload quantity to these warehouses, you must provide the "Unit Cost" column. If you don't,

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Clean energy and opportunities in new products

Palo Alto, where Teapplix corporate office is located, is a very progressive city on environmental concerns and clean energy. The electricity supply in the city by next year will be 50% solar, with a majority of the rest by hydro, achieving truly zero carbon emissions.

Now the remaining focus of the city in reducing carbon emissions is in two areas, gasoline used by cars and natural gas burned in homes.

We already have a good solution for cars. The Tesla revolution and the benefits it brings are clearly demonstrated in Palo Alto: every battery powered car in the city is powered by at least 50% solar, more if you installed private panels. Even the rest of the energy used to charge the batteries will be carbon neutral by next year.

What's next beyond that, is what brings us the next wave of product ideas and eCommerce opportunities. Not many people are yet aware, that http://paloaltoonline.com/news/2016/05/20/a-push-toward-solar-power-a-retreat-from-natural-gas">natural gas is now considered "dirty energy". That is progress, and opportunity.

The author of this article has a Weber gas grill, a full gas range, and a gas furnace. All of that are now subject to "Tesla style" disruption in the next 10 years. There could be quite a few Maker Fair type of projects out of this, even venture based startups. How about a full electric powered, exhaust air filtered replacement to the Weber genesis grill as a start?

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Bill 3rd Party FedEx & UPS Accounts from Shipping Profile

We have enhanced our system to allow you to add bill 3rd party FedEx / UPS accounts to your shipping profile. Sometimes a marketplace will require you to ship using accounts provided by them as "bill 3rd party" account. Now Teapplix allows you to preset such account into Teapplix and anytime you print using such profile, it will be automatically bill 3rd party.

Details of the setting is here:

FedEx: http://www.teapplix.com/help/?page_id=5414

UPS: http://www.teapplix.com/help/?page_id=5412

Other Profile Enhancements
If you use our Chinapost ePacket Service, you an also link multiple ePacket accounts based on shipping profiles.

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Support for multiple USPS providers: Endicia, Stamps

We have made a change such that a single Teapplix account can support multiple Endicia and Stamps.com account at the same time.

Such accounts are tied to shipping profiles. You can have one shipping profile using Endicia account 1, second using Endicia account 2, and the 3rd one using Stamps.com. Teapplix support any such combinations.

By default, your current USPS Provider settings are used for all your profiles. However, you can customize a profile to use another USPS provider. You can do that in Setup => USPS page.

Setup => USPS
This page replaces the previous Setup => Endicia and Setup => Stamps. If you have shipping profile, you will notice each shipping profile can either use the global setting, or can have a separate setting.

If you use Express1 discount postage, this is a global account that will be used for all shipping profiles.

Scan Forms
Currently scan forms for all shipping profiles are generated at the same time into a single PDF document.

Migration From DaZzle to PDF
As you know Teapplix is planning to phase out support for Endicia DaZzle, and move everybody to using Endicia Label Server where labels are generated natively in Teapplix. The above multiple USPS account feature allows our customers using DaZzle integration to have a migration path to print some orders using Endicia label server without completely stop using DaZzle. To achieve this:

  1. turn on multiple shipping profile "Setup => Shipping Profile". create a second shipping profile
  2. Go to Setup => USPS, on second shipping profile, choose to enter another Endicia account. Enter your Endicia account number and passphrase
  3. Go to Setup => Shipping, turn "Express1" as your Discount USPS provider if you don't have one, then go to Setup => Express1 and create an Express1 account. This will give you discounted USPS priority mail shipping rates
  4. Now anytime you print using the second shipping profile, it will use Endicia PDF rather than use DaZzle
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The Incredibly Simple Tesla Model 3 Reservation Page

If you are an e-commerce seller, you should take a look at the Tesla Model 3 reservation page and benchmark it against your own site checkout page.

We have captured a screen shot below:


It literally has no delay when you enter your credit card and push the reserve button. In addition, it seems that they have really worked to simplify what they ask you to complete process:

  • You don't have to check a check box to "I agree to terms", it is simply a line above the "Reserve" button
  • There is no page to display "cart details", simply, the original button to enter the page shows "Reserve for 1000", and here on the page you can change quantity from 1 to 2 and the price changes next to the quantity.
  • Country and State is auto detected
  • Only the expiration date shows an inline format prompt. You just enter the date based on the format, on many devices it seems to be easier to do than drop down selections or worse, calendar widgets.
  • It seems to adopt "label line above entry box" design

I am sure everybody in ecommerce can check the design and maybe learn a thing or two from it. We certainly did.

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