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Shipping Automation
QuickBooks Only

Get the World's #1 Shipping Automation Application

Cut your daily shipping time, save with discount USPS Priority & Express, improve your sales & customer satisfaction with better order management and notifications. Get started in less than 60 seconds.
Teapplix shipping pricing is based each month on number of orders processed. All shipping price includes free USPS Postage Account. All prices below are monthly, calculated month to month.

Products Total Packages Total Packages of 1501+
0-500 500-1500 1501 - 3000 3001 - 4500 4501+
Shipping (Price includes free USPS Account) $20 $40 $65 $95 $125
Add Quickbooks integration extra $10 extra $25 extra $40 extra $40 extra $40
Add Multi-Channel Inventory extra $15 extra $30 extra $45 extra $45 extra $45

Products # of SKU Uploaded (new or update) Per Month
0-50 51- 200 201 - 1000 1001 - 2000 2001+
Walmart / Listing Tool $30 $40 $60 $80 $100

*A Channel is a market place or a shopping cart that produces 1501 orders or more per month. Multiple eBay or Amazon seller accounts are considered one eBay or Amazon channel. Multiple Amazon countries (US, Canada, Europe) are considered separate channels. Multiple instances of the same shopping cart are considered one channel.

Time & Money Savings

Teapplix Shipping Automation saves you hours every day printing shipping labels, and allows you to service your customers more promptly, projecting a more professional image. To see for yourself, signup for a free 30 day trial below: