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I have been using other shipping automating software for the past five years and after 3 weeks of using teapplix I am in the process of switching everything over. Teapplix is super easy to set up and use, I signed up for the trial and was printing orders in less than 30 minutes from signing up. The support is there as well, they answer their phone and emails very promptly, I even asked if they minded that I keep calling because i had many questions the first week, they said call all you want, thats what we are here for.

We currently print over 100 labels a day and teapplix is making it a breeze! Our ebay and amazon tracking/upload percentage shot straight to 100% after using teapplix for only 1 week.

1 thing I am blown away by is how simple this software is and how great it works. This "other software" I was using for years was supposed to automate shipping and make my life easier but compared to teapplix I realize now how horrible it was. I could "automate" 50% of my labels in the other program and it still took about 30 minutes to print these "automated" labels. After 3 weeks of using teapplix we are already printing over 65% of our labels in a much more automated fashion and that number will only get higher and higher each day.

Im super stoked on teapplix so far and would highly recommend it to mail order businesses!

Richie Scooterx.biz

Where to begin? Teapplix has helped ehappyhome.com increase speed and productivity with ease.
Fantastic solution for multi channel shipping / accounting integration and it really works like a charm!!!
Customer service is excellent you have a question they respond; they are knowledgeable about their product, product functionality and the many options and configurations.
Since using Teapplix It takes us 300% faster to print shipping labels and get our entire daily bookkeeping done.

Aaron Pinson - ehappyhome.com

"At Sonic Sense, we have been actively selling online for over 15 years. As our sales grew with the addition of ebay and Amazon, our days were consumed with cutting and pasting information from each of the sales channels into QuickBooks for accounting and UPS WorldShip and USPS online for Shipping, then copying tracking numbers from each carrier back to Amazon and ebay to confirm shipments.

Now, after taking less than 30 minutes to set up Teapplix one time, it saves us numerous hours each day. From the web-based window, we simply select the packages we intend to ship along with our preferred shipping method. Teapplix takes care of generating the Shipping labels for all shipping carriers and creates the packing lists; then, it enters all of the sales information directly into QuickBooks.

Our time is now spent operating and developing our business.

Equally important, when we had a few questions, the Teapplix team readily answered our calls, replied to our messages, and resolved our issues. As we have made some changes in our business, including the addition of multiple sales channels, the guys worked with us to assure our needs were addressed immediately.

We highly recommend Teapplix, as a product and an organization, to any company growing their business online."

Marc Nutter - Sonic Sense

"I have to give thumbs up to Teapplix. It is perfect for high volume Endicia and UPS Worldship users. You can also print packing slips in bulk and some customization is available. There are also ways to map shipping service and item weight to individual SKUs so that they are ready to ship once the orders are downloaded. I use the XML API so the order download and shipping confirmations are all done in the background."


"Teapplix has freed up my time from international shipping and has saved me hours of tedious detailed work. Now I can multiorder ship international orders with ease and little effort! This is not over stated, I have a personal life now. We use to spend 3-4 hours daily before Teapplix, now 20 minutes or less! Technical support was personal, yet professional.

My computer knowledge is simple at best and yet am able to ship with ease. Once customer support showed me how to navigate through the software, it was a breeze!

This shipping program works like they state.Teapplix is a huge value for those who can see the benefit of hours a day saved to work more efficiently and the freedom it gives to you to do the things that make life rewarding!"

Shawn - Sheepskin Boot Connection

"We are clients of Teapplix.com. We find this company to be most useful in automating the shipping process in conjunction with Endicia.com. We find Teapplix.com to be honest and responsive in business and would not hesitate to recommend them to any online business who ships a small or large amount of packages per week."

Arnie - designerspotinc

"We love the Teapplix automated shipping system! We simply would not have been able to handle the recent increase in volume we've experienced without Teapplix."

Randy - Zebra Organics

Processing and printing orders used to be a daily, five hour nightmare, but now with Teapplix it is a breeze! Teapplix has taken the headache out of our shipping process and allowed us to reduce our order processing and printing time by 83%. Teapplix Customer Support is outstanding and they have always found timely, well thought out, creative, efficient solutions for all of our needs!

Brigham – EcoSwift.com

But if it weren't for Teapplix for the past 4.5 years, I wouldn't have a business. Because of them we are able to bring in all our orders in one place and ship in about 20 minutes to 1 hour for like 100 orders versus 4.5 years ago it took me literally 4 hours to ship with only 20 orders.

Jeff Sellers - instafire.com

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