Amazon Integration And Order Fulfillment Software


Teapplix ’s Amazon integration and order fulfillment software uses Amazon web service API to automatically download your Amazon
sales and upload shipping status and tracking number back to Amazon, without any manual
intervention. You’ll save time with automated data entry, and your staff will spend less time filling orders. Get started with a Free Trial today.

For those seller central accounts without API
support, You can also import your Amazon daily order reports or unshipped order reports into Teapplix, and generate ship confirmation file to upload back to Amazon. Once you upload your ship confirmation file, your Amazon order will be automatically marked as shipped with the proper shipping carrier and tracking info.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Teapplix supports importing FBA orders. We parse Amazon XML settlement reports to obtain your FBA sales information. This can be either done automatically by our API, or you can manually import the document into Teapplix. Once imported, you can either use Teapplix's built-in reporting to analyze your sales, or use our QuickBooks integration solution to export FBA orders into QuickBooks. From there you can track financial information as well as inventory levels.

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