Strength & Benefits

Teapplix Benefits Over Competition

Web Based No Software, Server to Server Integration


  • Quick and easy setup. No software to install & patch.
  • No out of memory errors and program crashes. No database corruptions or disk crashes.
  • Your data is store on raid arrays and replicated cross country for maximum redundancy.
  • Server to server integration. No need to keep computer running or wait for order download.
  • Multi-user multi-site remote access without setting up networks or VPNs.

Highest Level of Shipping Automation

  • Remembers weight & dimensions.
  • Optimized for batch speed, supports batches of 2000 labels.
  • Sorts based on inventory codes and location codes.
  • Rules to auto-fill everything, from delivery confirmation, signature, insurance, to custom forms.

Inventory Tracking, Accounting Integration with QuickBooks

  • Your QuickBooks talk to our website, automatically.
  • Mange income & taxes as well as profit & loss. Track inventory levels.
  • Maps items to your QuickBooks Inventory. Flexible export options.

Built-in USPS Account with Discounts

  • Built-in USPS account with no extra monthly fees ($15.95 savings a month). Provides discounted Priority Mail,
    Cubic, and International
  • Support USPS pre-sort partners: First Class Parcel Presort, ParcelSelect and ParcelSelect Lightweight Presort give you savings on top of existing USPS methods.

FedEx & UPS Multi-Carrier integration

  • FedEx Certified. Print FedEx label with no software required in batch.
  • UPS Ready. Print UPS label with no software required in batch.

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