How to link your Volusion shopping cart to Teapplix

To integrate with Volusion shopping cart, Teapplix requires Volusion API access. Currently the API access is only available with a Gold or above level Volusion plan.

To integrate with Volusion, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Volusion admin area, and go to Inventory => Import Export:
    Inventory => Import / Export
  2. Select Volusion API:
  3. Select "Generic\Orders":
    Generic Orders
  4. Check the first check box => all columns * (make sure nothing else is checked):
    Check *
  5. Scroll down to o.OrderStatus, and fill in the box WHERE_Value with the Order Status you want to export. (make sure you don't check the checkbox)
    Order Status Selection
  6. Click Run on top and copy & paste the URL into Teapplix shopping cart configuration. You can download the order report to import to Teapplix if you want to see your order immediately.
    URL and Order Download
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