Order Integration Features

Order Integration

Teapplix integrates with all your selling venues. Be it eBay, Amazon,
your own website, and other selling channels, the Teapplix server uses the latest webservice technology
to automatically download new orders and update shipping status.


One Page Order List

With theTeapplix server running 24 hours a day, you can login at anytime to see all your open orders
in one single web page. This page contains all order info needed to manage your shipping.
From here, you can bulk generate USPS, UPS and FedEx shipping labels and packing lists.

Shipping Automation

Teapplix was designed from the ground up in 2007 to be the fastest shipping application for
small and medium sized merchants. Every effort is made to reduce unnecessary data entry & mouse clicks. For example, Teapplix remembers weight, dimensions and shipping
options for your items. As a result, most of your orders are ready to print once it enters Teapplix.

With a few clicks, you can generate up to 2000 labels in one batch. Pre-built queues make it easy to bulk print labels for USPS Domestic, USPS International First Class,
USPS International Priority, UPS, and FedEx. Our shipping labels can have a customizable SKU
on them, and be sorted by your inventory / location to make packing fast and easy.

Time & Money Savings

Teapplix Shipping Automation results in significant time savings every day. For a typical merchant, Teapplix reduces the time you spend generating labels to just 10 to 20 minutes. With nothing to install, a Teapplix account can be setup in five minutes and is free for the first 30 days with no obligation. To see for yourself, set up a free trial account here: