Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Shipping Software

Teapplix supports the new Amazon Buy Shipping API so you can purchase shipping labels for Amazon orders directly in Teapplix software, in bulk. Buying shipping label from Amazon is required for participants for "Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime" programs, and optional for other Amazon sellers.

Auto Recognize Prime Orders

Teapplix recognizes Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime orders automatically. In the "Shipping:" field, Teapplix will show "SELLER PRIME-xxxx", where xxxx is the speed of shipping class chosen by the buyers, which is typically Standard or 2-Day. This allows such orders to be filtered automatically and moved into a separate queue for expedited handling. (To learn how to setup such an automatic filter, go to our Order Management section of the help site.)

Purchase Shipping Labels from Amazon

Sellers that turn on "Buy Shipping API" for their Amazon account will be able to bulk print shipping labels using the same automated process in Teapplix today. To turn on "Buy Shipping API" in your Teapplix account, go to Setup => Amazon, and click the checkbox "Buy Shipping API" for your Amazon account that qualifies for the service, and press "Save".

If An order is seller fulfilled prime, and you turned on Buy Shipping API in Teapplix, label for the order will be purchased from Amazon automatically. Teapplix supports all the carriers that Amazon provides today: USPS, UPS, FedEx and

For other Amazon orders, labels will be purchased from Amazon if you do not have a corresponding account directly with the Carrier linked to Teapplix. For example, if you try to print a UPS or FedEx shipping label, and you do not have a UPS or FedEx account linked to Teapplix, then the label will be purchased from your Amazon account.

Rate Quotes

When you click on the "rate" link in Teapplix on a seller fulfilled prime order, Teapplix shows you the rate of the currently selected method from Amazon, as well as rates for all other shipping methods that Amazon currently allow for such an order.

Voiding Labels and Refunds

If a shipping label was printed incorrectly, it can be voided on in Teapplix using the "cancel label" link. The order will be marked as unshipped and return back to open orders.

Note that the refund for the voided label may take five days to five weeks, per Amazon policies and practices. (All charges and refunds for shipping labels are managed in Seller Central.)

Speed & Automation

Teapplix integration to Amazon Buy Shipping API speeds up Amazon merchants operation, and allow them to participate in Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime while keeping the same automated workflow. Saving them hours a day fulfilling orders.

About Teapplix Shipping & Inventory Automation Software

Teapplix provides fully web-based shipping & inventory automation software. Amazon sellers can automate their multi-carrier bulk shipping, track inventory in a multi-channel environment, and save online merchants time & money each day, through fewer shipping mistakes, lower shipping rates, and less oversells.

Teapplix supports a comprehensive list of Amazon features. Teapplix can download merchant fulfilled as well as FBA orders, support FBA multi-channel fulfillment, track FBA inventory, and supports Amazon US as well as Europe accounts. Thousands of sellers utilize Teapplix to automate their operation daily, click on the link below to open your 30 day on obligation free trial!