Amazon Shipping Software

ActionShip provides the following functions for Amazon sellers:

  • Shipping Automation for merchant fulfilled orders. Supports Rules, Single, Batch or Scan Based printing. Supports all US carriers including Amazon Buy Shipping
  • Inventory Control for both MFN and FBA sellers. Automatic quantity update across multiple channels
  • Quickbooks integration. Exports orders (including fees), refunds, settlement transactions into QuickBooks.

ActionShip Shipping Automation

Actionship is a mature, sophisticated shipping software with thousands of happy customers and years in development. We provide the following features and benefits for Amazon sellers

  • Automation rules to filter orders to queues / warehouses / workers
  • Automatic assignment of weight and methods based on product
  • Automated comparison shopping for cheapest shipping method
  • Recognizes and support Seller Prime, Amazon Transparency
  • Print native Carrier, Amazon Buy Shipping labels, submit non Amazon orders to FBA

Amazon Quickbooks Integration

ActionShip QuickBooks automate accounting for Amazon sellers:

  • Export orders and refunds into QuickBooks
  • Map fees and sales taxes
  • Automate the entry of settlement charges and credits
  • Track inventory quantity

With ActionShip QuickBooks, you can accurately mange your Amazon profit and loss, generate sales tax liability reports for multiple states without doing a bunch of manual data entry into QuickBooks

Multi-channel Inventory Management for Amazon

ActionShip Inventory synchronize quantity for Amazon sellers:

  • Master inventory in Teapplix or QuickBooks
  • Supports multiple warehouses, FBA vs MFN
  • Update quantity for MFN listings every 15 minutes
  • Sync FBA quantity to external channels every 15 minutes
  • Alert you for shortages and stale items

With ActionShip Inventory, you never oversell and always keep the maximum amount of items for sale.

Streamline your Amazon Business with Teapplix

With Teapplix, you can get benefits of selling on Amazon without the headache of manual labor. We can improve the efficiency of your business, lower your shipping costs using the most efficient shipping methods, and make sure that your orders go out on time, which also helps to ensure that you maintain a high Amazon seller rating.

Start a free 30-day trial of Teapplix Shipping Automation Software today and see how it can speed your Amazon business up and make order fulfillment a breeze!