Teapplix ActionShip integrates directly with Amazon Vendor

Amazon Vendor Program allows you to sell products directly to Amazon as a first-party seller. This program is focused on high-volume suppliers. This is a great revenue option for drop shippers looking to expand their business.

Order Sync and Automated Shipping Make Order Processing Simple

Teapplix ActionShip saves you time by downloading your orders and automatically acknowledging orders at regular intervals.

Amazon DSV Inventory Quantity Sync

Teapplix can help you manage your inventory across multiple channels, including Amazon Vendor. Teapplix can synchronize the latest quantity to the Amazon Vendor every 15 minutes to eliminate oversells.

Purchase Shipping Labels from Amazon

Sellers that turn on "Buy Shipping API" for their Amazon Vendor account will be able to bulk print shipping labels using the same automated process in Teapplix. The label for the order will be purchased from Amazon automatically. 

You can also ship an Amazon Vendor order using multiple labels, by adding extra label information in Teapplix.

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