eBay Shipping Software


Teapplix Premium eBay Shipping Software will Streamline Your Business

eBay is the largest online marketplace in the world, and it can be a great starting point for your eCommerce company or another high traffic channel to sell your products on.

At Teapplix, we understand how important it is for you to streamline your business operation to save as much time as possible. Our eBay shipping software has all of the features you need to fulfill your orders in the fewest amount of steps possible, and it is one of the most cost effective ways to automate your business.

Integration with eBay

Teapplix integrates with eBay APIs to download orders and mark them as shipped on eBay with tracking numbers once they are shipped in Teapplix. Teapplix API integration understands order statuses on eBay, such that orders already shipped on eBay, orders that are refunded, are properly reflected in Teapplix. We import buyer’s notes, shipping choices, and support eBay’s global shipping program.

Multiple eBay accounts can be linked to the same Teapplix account, and we can download orders on demand or every 15 to 30 minutes automatically.

Convenient eBay Inventory Management Software (available separately)

We offer an eBay inventory management solution that helps you manage your inventory quantities across all of your selling channels. Teapplix download listings, images and other production information from eBay. Teapplix can revise price and quantity on listings, including variations, using API. Quantity update can be done automatically every 15 minutes, allowing you to sell on multiple channels while reducing oversells.

Save time and money on shipping with Teapplix

When you have a few customers it can be easy to fulfill orders manually. Once your sales volume picks up, having an automated solution like Teapplix will dramatically reduce the time that you need to spend on shipping and reduce your shipping costs. We offer you access to discount shipping choices, and ways to automatically pick lower priced shipping methods. Streamline your eBay sales and maximize your profit by keeping your business running smoothly by using Teapplix Shipping Automation Software.

Start a free 30 day trial of Teapplix today and see how our software can speed up your eBay order fulfillment!

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