eBay Shipping API

Teapplix supports eBay Shipping API so you can purchase shipping labels from eBay, one by one or in bulk, directly in ActionShip software. Once you authorize eBay Shipping API, Teapplix will print through eBay for certain carriers that are supported on eBay.

To signup an account and authorize eBay Shipping API, register a new Teapplix Account using the link below:

Register an ActionShip Account for eBay Shipping

After you login to your new Teapplix account, add eBay in the marketplace and link your eBay account. Then, for each eBay account, click on the "Authorize eBay Shipping" button which will login to eBay to authorize Teapplix to print eBay labels:

Once you authorize eBay Shipping, you can print all your eBay orders normally and labels for supported carriers will be purchased on eBay. Notice that if you encounter a shipping method or option that is not supported on eBay, you can use the same integrations page to toggle purchase shipping labels from Carrier accounts directly vs from eBay: