Sears Inventory Management and Shipping Software

Build and Grow Your Business Online with Sears and Teapplix.
Teapplix connects directly to your Sears account via Teappix integration. With one click, or on an automated schedule, your orders are downloaded from Sears. As soon as you process a shipment, Teapplix communicates the updated order status, shipping method and tracking information back to Sears. List your items on and be found by millions of customers instantly. Sears is extending their expertise in commerce and logistics to help you grow your business more quickly and effectively by integrating Teapplix shipping and inventory management software.

Simplify Order Processing with Order Sync and Automated Shipping!
Reduce the time you spend on order fulfillment saving you time and money! Teapplix saves you time by downloading Sears orders and acknowledges them immediately. You can also bulk print shipping labels and enjoy Teapplix’s integration with all US carriers while saving on USPS shipping rates. Once shipped, tracking numbers are uploaded back to Sears automatically.

Sync Your Orders Easily
Teapplix helps you manage quantities and synchronizes inventory quantity to channels (marketplaces, shopping carts) every 15 minutes. In addition, Inventory Advisor helps you track profit & loss and by SKU, by channel, helping you optimize your profits.

Scheduled Automatic or One Click Export
Teapplix QuickBooks Integration utilizes Intuit's free WebConnector add-on to QuickBooks. Order to your QuickBooks can be scheduled as long as your QuickBooks is running or with a single button click with no file import or export.

Import Your Sears Orders Now
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