Shopify Shipping Software

Tagline: Shipping, Inventory and Accounting Automation

Key Benefits:

  • Shipping Automation
  • Save time with automation filters, rules, remember weight, automatic dropship
  • Inventory Management
  • Real-time Inventory availability, supports combos and variations track costs
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Automate your accounting orders, customers, inventory, assemblies, taxes, fees

Detailed Description

Streamline Shipping, Accounting with QuickBooks , and Inventory management by connecting Shopify with ActionShip by Teapplix.

  • Automated & economic shipping for Shopify orders
  • Automatically sync Shopify orders into QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online
  • Automatic inventory tracking and update for Shopify listings and across multiple channels

Simplify Shopify Order Processing with ActionShip

Actionship is completed, easy to use shipping software with thousands of happy customers and years in development.

  • Automatic order synchronization or with a click of a button.
  • Captures order details and buyer information. Recognize gift orders and gift wrap options, download gift messages.
  • Automation rules to filter orders to queues / warehouses / workers.
  • Automatic assignment of weight and methods on downloaded Shopify order.
  • Sort orders based on various options. Generate Master Pick List and fully customizable Packing Slip.
  • Rate Shop with rate comparison across multiple carriers, guarantee cheapest shipping service. *Automatically mark order as shipped on Shopify. Order cancellation status are tracked and reflected in ActionShip.

Accounting becomes easy with ActionShip QuickBooks Integration

With ActionShip QuickBooks, you can accurately mange your Shopify profit and loss, generate sales tax liability reports for multiple states:

  • Export orders into QuickBooks
  • Map item SKU used in Shopify to inventory items in QuickBooks
  • Map accounts, customers, classes etc. based on payment method in Shopify
  • Map sales taxes based on country and State
  • Automatically build Inventory Assembly in QuickBooks when export orders
  • Support multiple Inventory Sites with QuickBooks Enterprise
  • Track inventory in QuickBooks, sync inventory quantity in QuickBooks to Shopify

Keep inventory up to date in Shopify with ActionShip InventoryAdvisor

With ActionShip InventoryAdvisor, you never oversell and always keep the maximum amount of items for sale:

  • Download listings and product details from Shopify.
  • Automatically track inventory quantity changes at real time
  • Supports multiple warehouses (internal warehouse or external warehouse), have REST API to integrate with other ERP system
  • Update quantity for order listings every 15 minutes based on live inventory
  • Bulk price changes on Shopify
  • Alert you for shortages and stale items

Automate your Shopify Business

With ActionShip by Teapplix, you can improve the efficiency of your business, lower your shipping costs using the most efficient shipping methods, and make sure your orders are shipped on time thus maintain a high Shopify seller rating.

Easy Set-Up

Follow new account setup wizard in ActionShip by Teapplix today and speed up your Shopify order fulfillment! Integrates with

  • USPS
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Walmart