ActionShip by Teapplix automates shipping and inventory management for TikTok Shop owners. Download orders from all channels in one place, apply automated rules and find best shipping options, print shipping labels in bulk, and fulfill all your orders quickly, precisely and without errors.

Choose to ship yourself or have a 3rd party warehouse fulfill your orders. ActionShip automates it all.

In addition, ActionShip controls your multi-channel inventory and update quantities on TikTok and other places. So you never over-sell.

Key benefits:

1) Ship orders from TikTok Shop

Save time and money shipping your TikTok Shop orders. Find cheapest shipping method automatically in bulk. Get USPS discounts.

2) Control inventory levels automatically

Never over-sell. Upload inventory quantity to TikTok Shop automatically. Up to 15 minute intervals. Safely sell across multiple e-commerce platforms.

3) Submit orders to 3rd party fulfillment services

You can either ship TikTok Shop orders yourself, or submit orders to 3PL for fulfillment, automatically without human touch. Tracking will sync back.

Easy Set-Up

Start a free 30-day trial of Teapplix Shipping Automation Software today and receive 25% discount of your monthly fees.